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Download Body Blows

Body Blows
1392 kb



Body Blows is without a doubt one of the greatest beat-'em-up games of the 90's. It was originally written for the Amiga, and shortly afterwards a PC version was released, keeping almost everything that made the Amiga version so popular: music, sound effects, excellent graphics and completely original fighters.

Each fighter has his own unique moves (unlike Mortal Kombat, for example, where all characters use the same or similar kicks and punches). There is a total of ten characters to choose from, and fights between them are all very different.

Combat keys are kept simple and straightforward - one key for kicking, one key for punching, and one for the special move that is unique to each character. If you're thinking gameplay might suffer because of that, you are very wrong. Body Blows is in fact one of the most entertaining beat-'em-ups ever.

In addition to the standard one-on-one combat mode, there is also a tournament mode where you will have to beat all the standard available characters, plus an evil android called Max. Two player mode is also supported, either using a split keyboard or a joystick. Just one more word is necessary - respect!


Reviewed by: Kosta / Screenshots by: Kosta / Uploaded by: Kosta / share on facebook

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