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Download Hugo Triple Pack

Hugo Triple Pack
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When I say parser-based, sixteen colors adventure game trilogy from the early nineties, what will you guys think? Wrong, it's not a Sierra game. This one seems to be a one-man project, done by David Gray. It definitely shows it's a one-man project too, yet it doesn't kill the fun.

The Hugo trilogy starts when your girlfriend Penelope is missing. She was last seen in a house where she went babysitting. That's where you start out. The House of Horrors. The inhabitants have captured your girlfriend in here, as you'll find out, and it's up to you to rescue her. It is here that you'll meet some characters that'll reappear in the trilogy for the first time.

When you have set your girlfriend free, the two of you decide to relax from the horrors from your adventure and fly to Europe, to Hugo's great uncle Horace. But woe and horror, what do you notice? Great uncle Horace is murdered. To top it off, Hugo disappeared too. It is now up to Penelope to both solve the murder, but the suspects are plenty. She also has to find Hugo, as he's disappeared.

After solving the murder mystery, the two fly back home, but get caught in some odd magnetic storms and crash their plane in the jungle of South-America. While Hugo tries to repair the plane, Penelope goes to explore, but unluckily gets bit by a spider and only has fourty-eight hours to get an antidote or she'll die. Her destiny lays on Hugo's shoulders. In his explorations, he'll meet an old friend of his, a tribe of natives, of which the witch doctor has a little monthly problem, an elephant and more.

The trilogy's graphics might not look too smooth, but they clearly show improvement from episode to episode. When playing the games, it doesn't really bother that much, either. It's fun enough. The puzzles're a challenge, but not tedious and there's a good dose of humor in there. Number two might be a bit hard from time to time, but all by all it's far from impossible, and the end is well worth it, to say the least. Every lover of adventure games either knows these games or should learn about them.


Reviewed by: Kon-Tiki / Screenshots by: Kon-Tiki / Uploaded by: Kon-Tiki / share on facebook

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