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When Abandonia was founded it was to collect and present all old games where the copyright protection had been abandoned, hence the term ’abandonware’ and the site name We are still keeping the site open and free and will appreciate your support to help it stay that way.

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Oldwarez list/Companies

Final Fantasy VII: The Dark Cloud2000DenisDenis
The General (aka "Stratego")2003Sean O'ConnorSean O'Connor
007 - A View to Kill1985Angelsoft Inc. Mindscape Inc.
007: Nightfire (aka James Bond 007: Nightfire)2002Electronic Arts, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.
1-0 Soccer Manager1992New Era SoftwareWizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.
1000 Miglia1992SimulmondoSimulmondo
10th Frame1987Access Software, Inc.Access Software, Inc.
1602 A.D. (aka Anno 1602 - Gold Edition)1999Max Design GesMBHMax Design GesMBH
1830 Railroads & Robber Barons1995Simtex Studios Inc.Avalon Hill
1893: A World\'s Fair Mystery2003Illuminated Lantern, TheIlluminated Lantern, The
1942: The Pacific Air War1994MicroProse Software, Inc.MicroProse Software, Inc.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1988Coktel VisionCoktel Vision
221 B Baker St.1987IntelliCreations, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.
2400 A.D.1987ORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
3 Point Basketball1993MVP SoftwareMVP Software
Ninja Casino Games

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