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What exactly do I use my free time for? {I love to read new books once I possess the chance, play mmorpgs, watch some movies and play my violin and draw. Yet still time I really like to talk with friends and hang out with new people. I enjoy walking the area when it's dark out and intensely like playing in the snow. |I also will sometimes watch TV or play some videogames. I like lightening and thunder therefore if there's a storm I will be outside enjoying it. |I love playing the game of poker with friends. I prefer to pay a visit to car shows whenever I can get a buddy to go with me. I pretty much like playing any kind of music. Walking my dog and looking for old, classic cars is one thing I like. | I enjoy doing things that my children and friends can get involved in. I'm lucky to possess a big group of friends that enjoy going out downtown. I also like to go to concerts, listen to music, go to amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, etc. |I like to talk on the phone, instant message, MySpace, and socialize in person with people. I also like to travel, see new places, and go on new adventures. |I love visiting the pool, hot tubing, cruising together with the girls, have barbecues, cook-outs, camp-outs, stuff like that. I'm about socializing and social interaction. |If there is not one person to hangout with I like relaxing with a decent book. It relys on what I'm feeling up for. |Little kids can be fun to hangout with sometimes. Doing that will help to relax me. |I enjoy meeting new and interesting people to simply converse about various topics. I'd love to hear from you, so drop me an email introducing yourself. Odds are pretty good possibility we will disagree on most of the issues, but hey, that's cool. Push that email link and lets talk.

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