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After years in Corporate America as a human resources professional, David left to pursue a new career as a freelance writer and occasional HR Consultant when he realized his passion for words was greater than his passion for developing a compensation plan. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resources option, from Cal State Northridge as well as a Certificate in Human Resources Management from UCLA, and currently provides content on workplace, career, business, travel, sports and general interest topics to newsletters, websites, and trade publications.

His Essay Help article, Retention and Job Satisfaction: Compensation, Opportunity, Recognition, Environment was selected by the Ontario, Canada, Ministry of Education, for use as a learning resource. Other articles on business and career have been cited in the March 2010 edition of ”A Men Guide to Green Jobs" publication series from the U.S. Department of Labor, “Hot Careers for College Graduates 2010” from University of California, San Diego, as well as in the book, Management, by Richard L. Daft (page 390). In addition, he has several Online Essay Writer & Editor Choice awards for articles such as "Specialty RV Travel Clubs for Americans of all Backgrounds," "Four Questions Not to Ask in a Job Interview" and "How Job Seekers Can Market Themselves."

He is a member of ASCAP having written lyrics for several jazz and pop songs, including This Winter Night recorded August 2008 and has written scripts for marketing videos as well.

Follow David on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, and read his HR Blog.

David's ebook, Writing and Selling a Mystery Novel: A Simple Step by Step Plan, as well as a new release co-authored by Loretta Jackson, Fiction: From Writing to Publication, can be ordered at Smashwords.

Their newest novel, Murder in Black and White, is the first in an Avalon mystery series featuring Wyoming sheriff Jeff McQuade. . For more information about the new series please visit the sister's webpage and writing tip blog.

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