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Submitted by TotalAnarchy on 8. February 2010 - 18:57.
The Lost Bloodline of Darkspyre
Everyone who previously played Event Horizon's Veil of Darkness and Dusk of the Gods, won't find a surprise here. The Summoning is the sequel to Darkspyre, featuring real-time dungeon-based role-playing gameplay viewed from a third-person perspective. |=u=|

Oh, you noblest sons of warring fathers, whose grandfathers and their wives fought side by side in ages past, follow me! Dishonor not these ancient and valued halls, whose stones lay stained by the blood of better men. They who died to build this kingdom were champions. They were of your kin and kind, and they need no introduction. But you, all of you, seem content to forget their sacrifice.

Because our manual is a version converted into .doc and it's quite impossible to squeeze anything but text out of it, Taaru made sure that nobody would have a reason to give up before actually trying it by uploading the Copy Protection Answers.
posted by TotalAnarchy // 08-02-2010 // extra // permalink

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