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Download Dark Seed II

Dark Seed II
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Swiss artist H.R. Giger is known for his extreme creations when it comes to the horrific and macabre. Ever since Aliens and Species, his art has been a household name.

In Dec. Of 1995, Cyberdreams Inc. And Destiny Software Inc. decided to monopolize off of his artwork with the H.R. Giger's DarkSeed series, and they made a good choice. If you've ever wanted to play a story like Aliens, you've come to the right place.


The story picks up with the protagonist from the first game in the DarkSeed series. Even though he escaped the beings from the Dark World, who had implanted our hero's brain with an alien, he still has nightmares and visions from the horrific dimension in his dreams. Looking to try to get help, the main character returns to his hometown and seeks medical help. But his new life of peace ends abruptly when his best friend Rita is murdered in the town park. The sheriff immediately pens our hero as a suspect, and that's where the game begins.

It's up to you to find out why Rita was killed and clear your name. But it may not be that easy. What does Rita's death have to do with the Dark World? What connection does the carnival in town have with the Dark creatures. And what secrets are the townspeople hiding? Delve into this Lovecraftian horror mystery game based on the art of H.R. Giger, and find out. And remember, the Ancients should not return....

Ins and outs

The graphics in this game are some of the most stunning I've ever seen, as far as realism. In the normal world, actual human actors are animated atop a backdrop of realistic 3D backgrounds. In the dark world, the and incredibly disturbing art of H.R. Giger prevails. You won't be walking away from these graphics without some nightmares.

The music is very mysterious but sometimes almost non-existant. This adds to the feeling of being alone that the character experiences in the normal world portion of the game.

The puzzles are very challenging, and will definitely keep you stumped throughout the game. Many of the puzzles rely on speaking to the games many characters, even unarmed Dark World inhabitants. If you say the wrong thing, sometimes a character will not talk to you at all, so be very careful. Save before speaking to anyone. In the Dark World, if you make a mistake, it will often cause you a horrific or disturbing death.

NOTE TO THE SQUEAMISH: This game is NOT for the faint of heart.


Well, to wrap things up, if anyone enjoys playing a challenging horror game, this is for you. If you don't enjoy getting nightmares, this game is not for you. Personally, I found this game very enjoyable, and I hope you will too.

Even though I figure it deserves more, I will only give this game a 4 because of an annoying maze puzzle in the carnival, one which I DID NOT enjoy. But you may feel differently about it, so download this evil scary game, and give it a good play.


Reviewed by: Fawfulhasfury / Screenshots by: Fawfulhasfury / Uploaded by: Fawfulhasfury / share on facebook

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