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Download Captain Dynamo

Captain Dynamo
210 kb



Captain Dynamo was the biggest hero in his days. Now, he is retired and dreams about the time when he was the nightmare of every villain. So when the insanely evil genius Austen van Flyswatter steals a huge load of gems, retired Captain Dynamo sees an opportuniy to once again save the day! Digging up his old costume, he heads towards Van Flyswatter's castle to retrive the stolen goods. What seemed to be a fairly straightforward task, turns really ugly when it becomes apparent that the evil madman has placed deadly traps all over his home.

This game, produced by Codemasters in 1993, is a classic platformer game, where you start off at the bottom of a pit, and have to jump all the way to the top. Once you reach the upper section, you'll be transported to the next level. In all there are 12 levels in this game - all equipped with monsters and traps to make life miserable for any retired superhero. While the game starts of somewhat easy, it suddenly changes gear, and you find yourself carefully evaluating every single step you take. One false move, and you're toast. Captain Dynamo's only superpower is a high-jump, that he can use to reach higher ground. He has no other powers at all, so you can't kill an enemy from a distance. The only way to kill anything is to jump on top of it.

The controls for the game are really simple; you move with the cursor keys, and jump with the Space Bar. To do a super jump, simply press up and Space at the same time. There will also be springs located throughout the levels to help you reach higher grounds.

Captain Dynamo is a really nice little game, with really neat and colorful animation and design, coupled with really cathy music. All working together to bring an enjoyable gaming experience to any gamer. The only downside to the game is that some parts of the levels can be just insanely difficult (like the rotating knifes in level 2), but once you've figured out the trick, you shouldn't have as much trouble the next time you try it.

Happy gaming!

The game IS playable under Win XP, but not recommended. Doing so will cause the music to disappear, and the screen can flicker from time to time. As for VDMSound, the music can be made out if you listen carefully, but the screen will still flicker. I would recommend using DOSBox.


Reviewed by: Tom Henrik / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Tom Henrik / share on facebook

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