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Download Zorro

1443 kb



You’re an action hero, who uses his whip, wears a cool hat and is picking up treasure on the way. NO, you’re not Indiana Jones! You also have a sword, are dressed all in black and have a mask over your face. That’s right. You’re Zorro.

This is an action game that takes you through several mines, deserts, forts, tunnels and even through a jungle. There is a nifty file included in the extras, that explains how to move and even gives you some hints how to find the exits of the levels.

Basically you have many rooms and you enter at one side and need to exit someplace else. To get there you need to jump and climb. On the way you have to watch out for the booby traps and enemy swordsmen. You can dispose of them either with the whip (you’ll have to make more hits, but you can do them at a safer distance) or with your sword (but they’ll come closer and be more dangerous to you). Besides the triggers that launch a multitude of arrows or cannonballs towards your chest, there are also trap doors, which will give in under your weight and you’ll loose the ground you were walking on.

There is only a certain distance that you can survive when jumping down. If you fall down over several levels you’ll definitely die. But if your fall wasn’t hard, you’ll just land and maybe loose a Z. There are many Zs to collect on the way, as well other goodies. If you run out of Zs you’ll loose a life (but then again, you have those in unlimited quantities). You can also loose Zs when you’re attacked.

So you need to explore the surroundings you found yourself in and find the exit, to be able to finally reach the finish. On the way you’ll discover the plot, which is based on the legend of Zorro. There is a guy named Cortez, who knows the whereabouts of the legendary gold mine and people start disappearing. You need to find Cortez and spoil his evil plot, just like any masked hero would do.

All in all this game deserves a 3, because although the graphics and the little sounds there are, are nice, still the game leaves too many things to pure luck. You need to die a few times before you figure out how to go on, which definitely is a nuisance.


Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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