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This is Transarctica. It was developed and published by Silmarils on three platforms; the Amiga, Atari ST and Dos, although it sold best on the ST. Many of you may not have heard of the game, but if you like strategy games that need thought and patience you will love this.

Background Story:
December 24th 2022, “Operation Blind”, a scientific experiment of remarkable daring takes place.

The “Blind” team, led by the renowned Professor John Merrick, aim to save a world ravaged by the Greenhouse effect, by exploding thermo-nuclear devices simultaneously at each pole. This will cool the savage rays of the sun by throwing large quantities of dust and steam high into the atmosphere.

The scientists miscalculate. The experiment works all too well, and the world is pitched into an intense Nuclear Winter. Civilisation perishes under a blanket of snow and ice.

Centuries later the survivors act out a miserable existence living most of their lives on huge trains, the only source of transport, travelling constantly between those towns that still exist: pathetic shadows of their former selves, used now only as meeting and trading points for the giant trains.

Controlling the trains and the rail network is the sinister and powerful Viking Union. They will tolerate no threats to their profitable monopoly. An ice-locked world suits them just fine.

You play an idealist, The Captain of the Transarctica. You steal the biggest and most advanced train built by the Viking Union, and try to restore the world to its former self.

The Game:
Transarctica begins with you just outside a town, ready to move into the city. To do this, you must go to the engine and click the control panel at the front of the carriage. Then you must use the regulator to pick up speed, disengage the breaks, and then set your Anthracite man to shovel coal into the boiler. Never use Lignite, unless you really need to, because Lignite is your currency and there are only three ways to get this; selling commodities, mining, or defeating enemy trains and claim war booty.

Transarctica is very hard to finish, and it will take you a long time, but it is great fun. Your task is to gather information about the project ”Operation Sun” in the hopes of restoring the world, however while doing this you will have the Viking Union trains on your tail. They will do anything to kill you.

You will also need to earn more Lignite by trading between various towns, so that you can buy upgrades for your train. These upgrades includes extra cargo capacity, Cannons, Machine Guns and Barracks for your soldiers to live in. All in all I think this is a great game that deserves time and attention.

- The game is copy-protected, so you will need to download the manual.
- When you need to enter a number, always use the numpad. Regular numbers will not work.


Reviewed by: Anonymous / Screenshots by: Anonymous / Uploaded by: Anonymous / share on facebook

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