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Download Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child

Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child
1504 kb



Life could have been so easy for the little Viking Brian. But one day when his master sent him out to gather herbs while the evil god Loki destroys the village he lives in and imprisons Brian’s whole family. However, the oracle of the gods foretold that our young hero once will be a great Viking leader and so he goes on the quest to rescue his family and restore peace in troubled lands.

Brian’s adventures take him to many dangerous places in Odin’s world. He wanders through dark labyrinths, murky woods and even passes a pyramid. He encounters many foes and evil creatures and will have to fight against the eight apprentices of the dark lord Loki. Fortunately Brian meets friendly shopkeepers on his quest who sell weapons and magic items from their stores in caverns and houses everywhere in the land. Even though these items may help our hero on his quest he still needs to use all his skills in order to rescue his loved ones who are scattered somewhere in the sixteen magical lands that need to be visited.

When the quest reaches its finale, Brian faces Loki himself. Loki needs to be beaten forever so that the evil son of great Odin will never again be able to bring destruction and death to the magical land. After succeeding, the prophecy is fulfilled and the gods reward little Brian. The Viking’s Child’s family is united again - happy end.

This jump and run game is fun! Well, we heard stories like this three billion times before but Brian is a truly lovable protagonist that really needs your help. (If you do not help him he wouldn’t even move...) Jump your way from level to level, collect coins, find hidden shops, reveal the foes (that are sometimes hidden) to complete your tasks and jump and run even more… With level codes that are provided during the game, you can restart at different places - for those who do not play through it in one session.

The graphics are cute! We do not have as fluent animation as we have in Prince of Persia but Brian is a funny guy. Screaming (at least he looks like it) when he falls down somewhere and always willing to explore the rest of the level with a smile on his face. You control him with the arrow keys. Take Enter to enter a shop and press space to select your special weapons. To fire a special weapon use the down-arrow. (which is a very bad key for it, because when wanting to move Brian you will hit this key every now and then by mistake, so maybe you will want to change controls by using the install.exe).

The sound is great! Unfortunately GameTek forgot to support Sound Blaster but if you take the MPU401+MT32 combination as sound-source you will have a very nice background music that fits perfectly into this game!

Being a friend of this genre I can just recommend to play this game! There is nothing missing except the sound effects and the controls are quite good. I give a rating of 4 stars for this game that somehow (and I don not know why) did not make its way to the heavens of the evergreens.

Use DOSBox at a speed of something around 1500 cycles.


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss / share on facebook

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