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Download Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict

Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict
182 kb



“The Fox is back… at warp speed!”

Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict is the sequel to the original 1984 Skyfox game. While the first Skyfox took place on a planet, Skyfox II moves the action into outer space, where you must defend the Federation against the evil alien Xenomorphs. Like its predecessor, Skyfox II puts you in the cockpit of a highly advanced fighter, where fast action and quick wits will save the day.


Skyfox II offers ten missions and five levels of difficulty. These include protecting Federation space from Xenomorph attackers, escorting an ambassador, and searching for a long-lost starbase.

Since Skyfox II is more arcade style than a true simulator, it won’t take too long to master flying your ship – so you’ll quickly have fun blasting the Xenomorphs and navigating through the asteroid fields.

The graphics are fast, and are well done for EGA. The sound effects are good for PC speaker sounds, while the title music is one of the best tunes to come out of a PC speaker.

The game uses a look-up method of copy protection. When you dock at a starbase, you will have to enter its name using the copy protection starmap.

Overall, SkyFox II: The Cygnus Conflict is a game I highly recommend!

Use skyfox16.exe to start the game. To skip the intro, press the spacebar.

Basic Keyboard controls:

= - UP
[ - Left
] - Right
‘ - Down
Left Alt - Fire


Reviewed by: gumpy / Screenshots by: gumpy / Uploaded by: gumpy / share on facebook

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