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Download Magic and Mayhem

Magic and Mayhem
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You can get full disc image of Magic & Mayhem from our ISO Cellar.


Is using magic chaotically fun, or does the usage of magic create mayhem?
Ze answer lies within the following lines.

Cornelius, a young magician, wishes to become his Uncle Lucan's apprentice. Eagerly anticipating his studies, he arrives at Lucan's home shortly after graduation from the Hermetic Academy, only to find his uncle gone and the house in ruins. (After Wikipedia)

He decides to start his uncle’s flying machine in order to find him, but unfortunately, he crashes in a nearby forest. Lucan’s pet raven, "Hermes", addresses him with these words of advice: "Follow the path Cornelius. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!" And so the magical adventure begins!

Magic & Mayhem is a fantasy RTS game with strong RPG elements. There are three realms. Each realm is divided into regions, with each region being a separate level you have to beat (with the difficulty of your choice: initiate, apprentice, adept, or wizard). You control a wizard that can cast spells which include summoning creatures, and damaging/curing. Summoned creatures are also under your control, and they differ greatly (brownies, skeletons, unicorns, etc.). Casting spells also cost mana. Mana is replenished by occupying Places of Power (pedestals that activate when your mage or one of your units stands on them), or by using up one-use "mana sprites". Besides casting spells, your wizard can also collect items such as food or drink, which are useful for restoring health when the need arises. In each level your primary task is to defeat the enemy wizard, but there are also some secondary objectives that give extra experience points. These points are used to improve your wizard’s stats and to buy more talisman rings for spells. The not-so-popular "You are defeated!" message will appear if Cornelius or any allied wizard dies.

The spell system is quite unique. Using the Portmanteau spell-box, you can combine magic ingredients (such as mandrake, clover, brimstone, etc, which are collected throughout the levels) with different talismans (Law, Chaos, or Neutrality) to give you a different spell before each level begins. Before each mission you can assemble a unique set of spells, which is practically a whole game of its own. The Grimoire is a very useful information book, as it contains detailed info of all the regions, spells, creatures, ingredients, and artifacts.

Magic & Mayhem looks cool. Plasticine graphics are all over the place and it suits the game perfectly. From the very first moment you see a brownie you’ll be in love with the charming appearance this game has. The graphical special effects are ok, but are nothing fancy. Sounds are simply wonderful, and they will have a magical influence on your ear wax.

The main drawback of this interesting game is its gameplay, which is slow and messy, and hard to control. There is a very small chance that your mind will be nested into the flow of the game, because although this game is played in real-time, real-action comes short. This didn’t bother me much, but I suppose it will discourage some people from playing the game further.


Reviewed by: BranjoHello / Screenshots by: BranjoHello / Uploaded by: The Fifth Horseman / share on facebook

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