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Download Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves
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Alpha Waves (aka Continuum) is a 3D platform/puzzle game with vector graphics. It is one of
the first 3D games released for PC. The game supports CGA, EGA, Tandy, Hercules and VGA
graphics and Adlib/Soundblaster sound.

You control a "mobile" which bounces around on tiles which are scattered in huge cubic rooms.
There are six different mobiles to choose from, but as far as I know, only their appearances
are different - not their properties. Yet, different tiles can have different properties - some
move around, others make your mobile jump very high, some can even send you flying off
sideways. Some rooms have wandering creatures which aren't very aggressive but can destroy
your mobile or bounce you around if you touch them.

The game has two gameplay modes. In action mode your objective is to find all 16 crystals
scattered throughout the game map. You have limited time but you can gain more time by
entering unexplored rooms. Some doors are blocked by big spinning cubes that send you flying
if you touch them. To clear your way you have to find and touch smaller cubes. In emotion
mode you choose an area of the game map which represents the state of mind you wish to reach.
The music, colors, and nature of the rooms are supposed to help you reach that state of mind.
There is no time limit or score in this mode; you just explore the rooms, which makes it
good practice for the action mode. There is also a multiplayer mode where two players can
play the game in turns.

Alpha Waves is a decent game once you get the hang of it and the brain-affecting concept is
innovative to say the least. The game is quite difficult - especially in action mode because
of the time limit. So, I recommend you save often while playing in action mode. A few negative
points shouldn't stop you from trying this unique game.

When the game asks for a code at startup just press enter.

In action mode, time seems to be running too fast which makes the game even more difficult. Lowering CPU cycles in DOSBox helps a bit but too low value makes the game run too slow. For me the optimal setting was 1500 cycles.


Reviewed by: zirkoni / Screenshots by: zirkoni / Uploaded by: zirkoni / share on facebook

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