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Download Last Half of Darkness III

Last Half of Darkness III
1168 kb




The third part of the Last Half of Darkness saga begins where the second left off: the boat that was carrying you and the girl you rescued have wrecked, and you find yourself stranded on an island inhabitated by some kind of very strange people: the living dead. But, they're not hostile. The girl is nowhere to be found, and your mission consists of locating her and leaving the island, i presume.

The game features some radical changes from the first two chapters of the saga: the graphics are better, the engine is more functional and practicly, death doesn't happen so often (and in such frustrating ways). Also, the talk system has been changed. Now the player can choose between various options and the dialogue itself is much more important than in the past titles. A lifebar has been introduced too: various actions and their consequences will damage your health, and when the bar reaches 0, you're gone.

Undoubtedly, some cons from the previous games have survived. There are some bugs and glitches which can be really annoying and the game sometimes is confusing, even if this chapter is more logical and linear than its precursors. Despite its linearity, I didn't manage to finish it.

This game is one of the rarest abandonware titles I have ever seen. There was even a time when it was considered to be vaporware. To obtain it, I had to find a person who bought it some time ago and ask for a copy. Luckily, I succeeded, and the game can be preserved from the tides of time. I hope you will enjoy it.

Beware that even though the bugs and glitches don't break the game completely, they might seriously affect the gameplay experience. Also, please don't confuse the games in the series with the newer Last Half of Darkness games. We don't host them now and we won't host them in the near future.

In DOSBox you should decrease the cycles to 2000 and lower in order to correctly view the animations.

You can start the game both in XP and VDMSound. Unfortunately, it will freeze right after you attempt to move the cursor. So your only option is DOSBox. To start the game, run part3.exe.


Reviewed by: Shadow_Stalker / Screenshots by: Shadow_Stalker / Uploaded by: Shadow_Stalker / share on facebook

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