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Download Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold

Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold
617 kb



When you start playing this game you may be surprised. Though it looks cute and cuddly from the start, soon you'll realise this is not just another kids' game. This game is for all ages, and depending on your profile you'll react differently to each section of it.

The characters should be familiar to most people who like cartoons, have kids, or ever were kids themselves. Everything is based around Uncle Scrooge, whose most obvious trait is that he's a cheap Scottish git who would probably sell his family on eBay if given half a chance. He's also grumpy, cynical, temperamental, aggressive and filled with hatred for Flintheart Glomgold. The latter is Scrooge's biggest historical enemy, who could be described as a cloned Scrooge with just as many wonderful attributes. He hangs with a rougher crowd though, consisting of a range of bad guys. Amongst these are Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys, who will all try to mess with Scrooge.

To help Scrooge against all these nasty people there's, first of all, Huey, Dewey and Louie. They're his nephews and travel with him around the world, helping him out of the tough situations which he always manages to get into. Another important person is the flight-impaired pilot Launchpad McQuack, a generally daft guy who helps Scrooge out when he needs to be transported between locations. As his only way of landing is crashing into the hangar, there has to be a skilled mechanic in the group, hence the inclusion of Gyro Gearloose. Also in the game is Webbigail, Scrooge's niece, a spicy little cutie who helps out in the same way as his nephews.

The game itself is based around a challenge from Flintheart Glomgold, who wants to see who is the richest duck in the world. So Scrooge has to collect as much money as possible in just 30 days, from different places around the world. These include all corners of the world reachable from a wall-map in his office, the uncertain stock exchange and your money bin. The map takes you to mountain climbing, jungle exploration, searching caverns, and photographing rare animals and is the most fun and action-packed side of the money-hunt. On the stock exchange you buy shares and wait a few days to sell them again, hopefully making a profit. This is more random and to start using it you have to collect money to play around with. Diving in the money bin will from time to time let you find a rare old coin which also adds to your wealth.

When you want to go to a specific location you go there by flying the plane as McQuack, which is not as easy as it may sound. You have everything from whales, anvils and hot air balloons to barns and mountains to worry about, and when (if...) you reach your destination the landing is where McQuack's ability really kicks in...

For each task you play as one of the good guys, depending on which level you're on. Your main aim is to collect as many valuables as you can and return to your office with the goodies. Each level also holds a special valuable which you're told about before flying from the office. A special island in the Indian Ocean lets you check who's winning - you or Flintheart. After the 30 days have passed you've either collected more or less money than Flintheart, and that is the win/loss-decider.

The graphics are true to the original Duck Tales cartoon and give a nice feeling to the game. As far as the sound goes it's rather straightforward without impressing too much, but feels nicely worked through and doesn't get annoying. That should be seen as a success, as many games from this time played sounds that would have any composer rolling around in his grave. The playability is still ok, even if you have to tap the keys really quick in some levels without holding them down, or else your character will start looking like a kangaroo on drugs.

In closing, this game is good for its age, but you'll need to be a fan of the cartoon to really enjoy playing it today. In fact, I was leaning towards giving it a 3 but TheVoid, who let me review this game, would never forgive me as he really seems to love the game. Also, it's a game from 1990 so I guess you shouldn't expect miracles from it. But it will help you pass a few hours on a rainy day, and that's what games are all about, isn't it?


Reviewed by: Red Diablo / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Red Diablo / share on facebook

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