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Download Floor 13

Floor 13
1763 kb



Welcome to Britain. Welcome to one of the most powerful nations in the world. Welcome to democracy. Welcome to Floor 13!

In a land ruled by democracy and free press, scandals will be endless! It‘s your job to fix it so those troublemakers do not destroy the wonders of a free country.

You answer only to the Prime Minister. Your office does not exist and neither does your men. Can you prevent scandals from destroying the government? There is only one way to find out… Let‘s hope you don‘t suffer the same fate as the previous chief of Floor 13.

Floor 13 is a great time-killer with lots of cases demanding your attention. The game might seem like an easy stroll through the park, but do not be fooled by this. You will have to go through every case that lands on your desk with painstaking accuracy, finding every little detail and make the correct decisions every time. You may use a number of people to achieve success, and by pleasing the Prime Minister he will add more and more people to your squad. These guys can do anything from tailing suspects and spreading dark propaganda, to heavy interrogation and assassination and attacks!

But there is also plot of this game, as time from time you will recieve missions from mysterious group called “Brotherhood of Toth”.

Don’t worry the game has ending, all you need is luck and a clear mind.

If the game has one flop it will have to be the colours… or rather the lack thereof. This game would be so great if it was in colours that it looses a whole point because it is only black and white, also missions can be very hard sometimes.

But still the game is an absolute must for anyone who likes games that offer a challenge!


Reviewed by: Dream / Screenshots by: Dream / Uploaded by: Dream / share on facebook

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